Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hope this day finds you well! These are some of the cards we did in my last class.
I also made a few cards last night. I so need to get crafty today. Taken a break from all the stuff I need to do. Got my comfy clothes on, outside looks like someone shook a snowglobe. Big fluffy flakes falling down..pretty!

 These are the cards I was working on last night. All I have to do is add the sentiment. It was made with a new sizzix die. I really like it. Something different then your typical fold in the middle card!

This is a tag I made. Played with some embossing powders and chunky glitter,etc. Fun!
Looking forward to crafting today.... Been busy working on cleaning out my Dads house. Physically challenging as well as emotional. Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
Stay warm!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Finally I have some cards to post. These were the ones we did in my last class. Some of the samples are kind of beaten up so just ignore where they are bent a little,etc...
I love the background die on the last card. The whole thing is flowers but on my card I covered up the middle row with a strip of cardstock & ribbon. I thought this card could be used for almost any occasion. A good one to have in my stash.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

                                                       Merry Christmas!
                                          Blessings to you!
                   As expected, this year is a little rough for me but I know in time the memories will outweigh the sadness. I'm looking forward to cleaning my craft area and getting crafty! I've only done stuff for my classes or gifts. Didn't even send out cards this year....I really want to work on my trip scrapbook. That makes me  smile. So many wonderful memories I can't wait to scrap. I'm just thankful I wrote stuff down or I would have forgotten by now.
 I still have a lot of cleaning at my Dads to get ready to sell his house but I'm gonna take a break until after New Years.

       Hug your loved ones, Life is short.
   Enjoy your holiday and I will see you soon! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

 Bet you are wondering where I've been...
 I have lost one of the loves of my Dad. He became sick and passed away approx 6 weeks later. He and I were very close. We spoke several times a day. The void in my life is tremendous. I thought when my Mom passed away that was bad but I still had my Dad. Now my life feels empty. No grandparents, no parents...I miss him so much!... I know it will take time to adjust and I am a strong person so I know I will get through all of this.
 I have to clean out his house and all the things that come with a death. Hasn't left me in the mood to do much crafting for sure! I have had 2 classes recently and I hope to post those cards in the next day or two. Hang in there with me if you are still around....

Friday, August 29, 2014

Quick post of a few cards I made recently. I love the Memory Box flower die! I am sure I will use it quite a bit. I added pearls to the center. I think the all white one would make a beautiful sympathy card. The other card has a pocket on the front that I put a tag in with my sentiment.
  I have been working on my scrapbook so haven't made very many cards lately. Its fun reliving all the memories of my special trip. Other than that not much happening around here. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I cant believe how fast time goes by... haven't done much card wise this past month Been working on my scrapbook a little from my trip last fall. Its been nice reliving those memories as I scrap. Its been a difficult month and I am just focusing on one day at a time.
I just LOVE these little chickies from Denami Designs. They have so many to choose from!
I have some clear glaze on their beaks that why the flash made it look a little funny.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far and I hope to visit with you again real soon.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, Monday...
Boy it's a hot one today! So blessed to have air conditioning! My little dog has refused to sleep upstairs the last few nights. I admit it is quite warm & stuffy up there even with the air. So...
she won! we went and slept in the bedroom on the main level. what a difference. Guess where I will be tonight!
 I was thinking of summer when I made this card. I have had these straws for quite awhile. The lemons have Wink of Stella around  the edges so even though you can't see it, the card has some sparkle to it! I popped up some of the lemons for a little dimension.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!