Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sorry haven't been posting. I was working on a big project and it is FINALLY done! YAY! There were about 18 pages in this wedding scrapbook but I am just showing you a few. I hope she likes it. It took way longer than I thought but  we are good now. Wedding is tomorrow...
I plan to clean off my desk later. It is a total mess! Then I have a few other projects on my list to do. I think I'm gonna do a project I've been wanting to do first. Maybe I will get some of my mojo back..
 My basement ceiling sprung a leak during the last bad storm. So glad I was down there at the time. It was right over the table I use to display my finished projects. If I wouldn't have been there they would have gotten ruined. Its never leaked there before...My husband said put a bucket it there. It will stop leaking when the rain stops. Ya think?! Guess I will ask my dad to look at it. I'm not complaining though. Lots of people have experienced flooded yards and basements so a little leak is nothing to complain about compared to that!
Have a good day. Stay dry if you are experiencing all this rain too! Toodles!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, monday...
I just listed my first item on EBay...It took me a looonng time! Then I thought I deleted it. Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Anyhow...Wish me luck!
No, its not this but if the auction goes well I may make some to sell. This is my first mixed media canvas with the new Prima Doll stamps from Julia Nutting. Love these stamps. so fun to "play" with!
 Heading down to my desk to finish up my class cards for tomorrow. 2 down,2 to go.
Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hello my long lost blog friends! I have been super busy and keep forgetting to put something on here! These 2 cards are from my Sympathy kit. The tree was cut with my Cameo. Love that machine!
I am working on 2 projects that someone ordered. They are with the doll stamps and they are dance related. Not done yet but the tutus on them are super cute! I will post a picture when they are done.
Have a great day!