Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sorry haven't been posting. I was working on a big project and it is FINALLY done! YAY! There were about 18 pages in this wedding scrapbook but I am just showing you a few. I hope she likes it. It took way longer than I thought but  we are good now. Wedding is tomorrow...
I plan to clean off my desk later. It is a total mess! Then I have a few other projects on my list to do. I think I'm gonna do a project I've been wanting to do first. Maybe I will get some of my mojo back..
 My basement ceiling sprung a leak during the last bad storm. So glad I was down there at the time. It was right over the table I use to display my finished projects. If I wouldn't have been there they would have gotten ruined. Its never leaked there before...My husband said put a bucket it there. It will stop leaking when the rain stops. Ya think?! Guess I will ask my dad to look at it. I'm not complaining though. Lots of people have experienced flooded yards and basements so a little leak is nothing to complain about compared to that!
Have a good day. Stay dry if you are experiencing all this rain too! Toodles!

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