Tuesday, December 23, 2014

                                                       Merry Christmas!
                                          Blessings to you!
                   As expected, this year is a little rough for me but I know in time the memories will outweigh the sadness. I'm looking forward to cleaning my craft area and getting crafty! I've only done stuff for my classes or gifts. Didn't even send out cards this year....I really want to work on my trip scrapbook. That makes me  smile. So many wonderful memories I can't wait to scrap. I'm just thankful I wrote stuff down or I would have forgotten by now.
 I still have a lot of cleaning at my Dads to get ready to sell his house but I'm gonna take a break until after New Years.

       Hug your loved ones, Life is short.
   Enjoy your holiday and I will see you soon! 

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