Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we had record cold temps (worst in 20 years!) I woke up to a cold house..furnace was working but couldn't keep up. The warmest it got in here was 60 degrees. Then I discovered our pipes were frozen. Got out the hairdryer and finally got that fixed. And my tire on my car has a big bubble so no car since Sunday. Fun,fun,fun!! But...I am thankful they were (are) all curable problems! And I am thankful I HAVE a house and running water and all the stuff we take for granted. I cant imagine being homeless or in such dire straits to not have money to pay the utilities. Sad to think about.
 Worked a little yesterday on some valentines cards. Have 2 more started but didn't finish them. Heading down there today to craft. Have a little space heater to keep my tootsies warm so all is good!
Hope wherever you are, you are warm.
Happy Crafting!


Michelle Johnson said...
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Michelle Johnson said...

Like you said, you're very fortunate you only needed to use your hairdryer to fix up those frozen pipes! Frozen pipes are the scourge of winter, and many people have to call their plumbers just to fix things up. Dealing with this disrupts our daily routines, and your craftmaking would've suffered quite a bit if you weren't as lucky!
Michelle Johnson @ Dial 1 Plumbing