Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OK..this is supposed to be my happy place. This past week or so has been anything but happy. My son is on the mend.Thank God for that! Tomorrow I am having surgery which I am actually looking forward to being out of pain. But today I got more bad news. My dear friend,who has pancreatic cancer, was just told the cancer has spread and he only has about 6 months to live. What do you say when someone tells you this devastating news? It's heartbreaking & I have no words to say to him. I feel bad because when he told me I just couldn't form the words to say anything except Oh Tim! Our friendship goes all the way back to our high school days. Our kids have grown up together...So so sad. If you have an extra prayer or two could you ask the Lord to help him & his family through this difficult time. I can't even imagine what they are going through and the difficult days ahead. Take care of yourself & give those you love an extra squeeze and I will post a card or to when I recover. Blessings!!

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Danni said...

Oh my...prayers and lots of thoughts for you, your friend and your families!!