Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hope you had a wonderful holiday spent with good food & good company! It didn't seem like Christmas here in Ohio. No snow...I hate snow but would have liked it for the "Christmas" look. Now it can stay away until next year as far as I'm concerned! Sorry to all you who love it. LOL!

I am working on some cards for a local animal rescue. I have 10 more to go then I can start playing with my other stamps. My poor Magnolia girls are feeling neglected! I didn't get any Christmas cards made with them. And biggest shock of winter kit arrived a couple of weeks ago & I haven't even gotten to touch it yet. Maybe a blizzard would be nice...snowed in and nothing to do but stamp!

I got a new digital camera for Christmas. Much clearer pictures than my old one & very easy to use. I was spoiled this year! I also got the Gypsy to use with my Cricut. Played with it a little. Hope to learn more about it in the coming week. I can't wait to "weld" my letters and to make some "shaped" cards. Oh, my brain is spinning with ideas! See you soon!

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