Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Haven't been crafting much..kids moving back home...one leaving again..house bursting at the seams with all of their stuff! Its starting to settle down now. One kids stuff will be gone Saturday and the one that's staying finally got it at least down in the basement That's where my "happy place" is so I'm having them move it to the other side at least. I LOVE my kids, don't get me wrong...once they are gone and you are used to that, it takes some adjusting when they come back. KWIM?
 Any way...Here are 2 cards I made recently. The monster card was for my grand nephews 2 yr. old birthday. He's growing so fast. Not a baby any more. It was fun to watch him eat his cake and open his presents. Kids really do make everything much more fun!
Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit. I'm heading down to get a little craft time in before I decide to take a nap instead. Being on the computer always makes me very sleepy in a short amount of time. Don't know how the people who do it for 8 hrs. on their job can do it.
Enjoy your day. I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures :)

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