Friday, July 19, 2013

 I hope your summer is going well. It has been very hot here lately and it's sucking all my energy. I am so thankful for air conditioning!! I remember when we didn't have it..not a fond memory!
 I have been so busy with things I have to do that I haven't been updating lately. Sorry about that.
I'm not complaining is all helping me pay for my trip. Yippee!
This is a cute digi I found on pinterest. Not sure who designed her but she was just so cute. I couldn't wait to color her up. The cards are pretty simple but I wanted the image to stand out.
Both my kids are moving next week. My oldest is moving back home for a little bit ( I have a feeling it isn't gonna be a week or two...) and my youngest is moving closer to home. She called all upset today. Her room mate moved out already but failed to inform my daughter and the 3rd room mate that they have to be out by the 26. She can't get into her new place until the 1st. So I'm gonna have all her "stuff" here as well. I LOVE them to pieces but they are stressing this momma out!
Stay cool and Happy crafting!

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