Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, monday...

Hello! Isn't it great to have a 3 day weekend?! Lots of extra time to enjoy doing what you love! Today's card is for the Squigglefly Challenge. We had to make a fall card with rolled flowers. That was something I had ever tried but it was pretty easy. You can find out how to make your own here. I thought this image was just too cute! I am a sucker for animals! Right now we have a stray kitten we are feeding. It will not let me touch it but I am hoping that soon I can so we can get it to a shelter & find a home. It is NOT coming into my is already a zoo! But I don't want to see the poor kitty stuck outside in the winter. There are so many strays around here & they just keep having babies. sad...
Well enjoy whats left of your weekend...see ya soon!


Holly said...

Adorable card Pam! Your flowers turned out great!

Anonymous said...

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