Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a great New Year's! We went out to a wedding/catering venue. It was kinda fun. The people I was with aren't exactly party animals. They didn't want to dance or anything. But it was better than staying home! I really just enjoyed watching all the different people. The one lady across the aisle from me caught my attention. She kept going up & getting plates of the beef they served. I'm thinking WOW...How can one person eat so much. Well...She was putting it in a ziploc baggie inside her purse. Her friend was stuffing Chicken Cordan Blue in her purse. Couldn't believe what I was seeing! The tickets were quite pricey so I don't think they were hurting for money. Not my place to judge but was shocked when I saw it.
OK...enough chatter! I am excited to finally get my Magnolias out again. I have missed using them. I have several Christmas ones I haven't used and didn't get to them. I'm still going to make some cards with them and save them for next year.
I love the floral background paper on the pink card. It's actually FABRIC paper from Hobby Lobby. Neat! I only bought one sheet to try it. (and only when it was on sale!)
Well, thanks for stopping. Enjoy what's left of the holiday weekend! TTYL!


Danni said...

These are just so cute!! Happy new year!

bensarmom said...

Pam, I love your work. That material is gorgeous!