Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, monday....
Hello! No new cards today. I actually got a lot done yesterday for my class but I don't like to show them beforehand so the ladies are surprised! I did wake up to this army of Robots though! My daughter is on winter break from college and she was crafting last night. Pictures don't do these justice! They are so full of detail it's amazing. She made them out of clay & baked them. Some she painted and some were with the clay already colored. They are smaller than they look in the photo. I had to put on my glasses so I wouldn't miss any of the details. The screw heads even have small x's in them like the real thing. She is a very crafty gal.
Have a great day. See you soon!

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Kayro139 said...

These are great....I can see some of the detail. You are right, she is very talented.