Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Morning! I am still alive!! It's been real busy around here and not much crafting time. My brother is finally on the mend after many,many set backs. I am hoping to leave in a few days to stay with him for awhile when he gets home as he will need help doing the simplest of things until he regains his strength. I did get to go to a fun filled weekend at my friend's house. Several of us spent the weekend there scrap booking, laughing, eating and did I mention eating?! LOL! Such good food. mmm yummy! It was great to just have time to "let our hair down" and just enjoy each others company. Didn't get a whole lot of sleep but that's OK!! I got quite a lot of my scrapbook pages done. Haven't worked on that in a loooong time! Taking some stuff to work on at my brother's. Can't take a lot of craft stuff so I stamped a bunch of images to color while I am there and some paper piecing stuff. Maybe I will have something to share with you tomorrow..depends on how the day goes. Thanks for checking on me!

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