Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello! Just checking in today. No new cards to share.
Asking for prayers though for my brother. He had surgery 2 weeks ago to remove 3/4 of his intestines. He is now back in the hospital after an emergency surgery on Sunday. He has had 3 more since. He is on a respirator & fighting for his life. I am not able to go be with him because he is in Tenn. I can only afford to go once & I am thinking he is going to need help when he gets home. But it is hard being so far away from him! What happened was his bowel perforated and all that "stuff" spread through his body. Plus while he was on the operating table his arm turned blue. They had to operate on it and found a blood clot. He has been through alot lately and I am just praying for God to heal him.
Have to clean my house today & take down the rest of my snowmen. I think it's about time! Then I get to craft tonight...Yippee!! I haven't for a few days and I really need to unwind & just create. It's my therapy!!
Have a great day and thanks for stopping!


Danni said...

Hugs!! I'm thinking of your brother and your family!!!

Sansuesha said...

Love your photo of the pregnant robin, plus you have a ton of great cards here, Pam! Also, I'm praying your brother will be well on his way to recovery.