Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello! Quick card & post today. Hope you had a great Holiday weekend.
This is a really simple card I made with 2 Marianne Designs Die cuts. I used some velvet flocked paper from Michaels that I thought went wonderfully with the Dies.
Yesterday my Stepmother died unexpectedly. So...I won't probably be crafting or posting much this week.I feel so bad for my Dad as this is the second wife that he has lost due to illness. It really hits home for me as I have the same illness they both had. I try not to think about it much but it does weigh heavily in the back of my mind. The only thing different for me is I am on medicine to slow down the "progression" of the disease and those were not made available to my Mom or Step mom before they got "bad". So hopefully they will find a cure soon!
Sorry to be such a "downer". Its just a difficult time right now. Hope to be "back on track" soon.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Danni said...

Very pretty card! I love the butterfly die you used.
So sorry about the loss of your stepmother. I am thinking of you..hugs!