Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello! Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Ours was nice but not quite the same without my Step mom. She passed away a few months ago and I feel really bad for my Dad and my stepbrother & stepsister. I have been through this before because my Mom died a few days before Christmas. To see my Dad go through this twice makes me sad. I guess they just have to go through the grief process but it still saddens me to see someone else in so much emotional pain.
After Thanksgiving I went Black Friday shopping with a friend and my daughter. This was my first real experience. We left at 9:30 pm and didn't get home until 8 am!! Crazy! I way overdid it though. Could hardly walk yesterday. It was fun to see all the people. I really didn't have anything specific I was looking for so I didn't have to worry about racing to the item in hopes of getting one. Could not believe all the people out that night!!
I took a break for making cards for a bit to do a little sewing. I made these snowmen from old jeans. I think they turned out cute! I might add some earmuffs to the one with the stocking cap. I need to find some sparkly white pom poms for them.
Today I am taking down all the fall decorations and trying to get a few Christmas ones up. My daughter is home from college and cleaning her room so I can't access the cubby hole of her room where all the Christmas stuff is so I am patiently waiting! If she doesn't hurry up I am gonna lose my mojo for today!
Yesterday my son decorated my car. My SIL bought reindeer antlers and a red nose for it. Very Funny! Can't wait to drive it around and see people's reactions!
Thanks for stopping by...see you soon!

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