Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I made another toilet paper tube mini album. Didn't start out to have more butterflies but that's how it ended up... These are so much fun to make! I am going to start another one this afternoon. Yesterday I attended the funeral of 10 yr old Kayla Allen.I did not know her personally but ever since the devastating night her father went on a rampage and killed her mom & sister at a local restaurant, she has been on my heart. Her father also shot her but she survived. The police killed her father. She originally started to get better but then took a turn for the worse after she learned her Mom, Dad & sister were all dead. With that information and the loss of 1/2 her face I am grateful the Lord took her home. I have been talking back & forth with the Mom's best friend regarding their pets. She is so devastated. I am going to make her a little album that she can keep some pictures of them and am going to add some encouraging words or scripture. I hope it brings a little comfort to her soul. Such a sad, sad story.
Can you believe that Memorial Day is just around the corner?! Where does the time go? Thanks for stopping and have a blessed day!

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