Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello! April showers bring May flowers! This is a card I made for my friend for her birthday. She
loves spring flowers so I thought this would be perfect. It is by Northwood stamps and I bought it at a used stamp sale. The butterflies were made with a Stampin up embossing die. I added pearls for the bodies of the butterflies.
I am out of breath! My bigger dog got out & chased some unsuspecting kid putting out lawn care fliers. I was afraid he would bite him so I told the kid not to run. Finally caught him but have a few war wounds on my arm. We have a love/hate relationship. He is from a puppy mill and the vet thinks he has mental problems. He can be so sweet but can turn on me like a dime. Word of warning...Don't buy a puppy from the mall pet stores. I was told he was bought from the Amish..little did I know they are one of the biggest "puppy mills" there are! I just keep telling him he is lucky he is so cute!
Thanks for coming by today. Hope you have a great afternoon!

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