Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello! Finally I could post this...Technology is great but not when it doesn't work!! Frustrating!
Today was a lovely day! The weather is just PERFECT!
Plus I got to be part of something wonderful!
A fellow stamper that comes to my monthly classes lost her beautiful home to a fire. After our last class she went home & her house was struck by lightening. Her hubby & her plus their pets got out but with only the clothes are their backs. They are covered by insurance thank goodness! Some of my friends & I were able to gather quite a bit of supplies for her to be able to get crafty....Crafting is good for the soul. I say it is my therapy and I knew she just needed to stamp! I am privileged to know some very caring ladies and today was able to deliver the items to her Mother in law to give to her. I am blessed to have been a part of it.
Today's card was the one I made for her. I paper pieced parts of it & tried to make it look as cheery as possible. I just hope she knows that we care about her & are praying for her.
After dinner I am going to get crafty myself...I'm feeling the need to color.
Thanks for checking in. Hugs!

PS..Linnie was helping me with packing the supplies. I thought she was chewing on her bone but it was a red glitter spica pen!!

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bensarmom said...

What a cutie. Your p.s. made me giggle. What a great helper you have there!