Sunday, June 12, 2011

So last night I was woken up by something making a lot of ruckus in my trash. I went downstairs to see what it was. I lifted up the screen and poked my head out above the trash can. It was a cute raccoon. I said "What are you doing? You need to get out of my trash." He was sooo cute but then he bolted towards the window hissing at me. Boy did I slam that window shut so fast , I'm surprised I didn't slam something in it. He went back to rooting in the trash. I said "Have at it" and went back to bed. Never a dull moment around here! LOL!
I'll have something to share tomorrow. Working on a few things and trying to finish up. Making a scrapbook for my niece's baby shower. Only a few more pages to go...

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bensarmom said...

You made me laugh with this post. I know it wouldn't have been funny to see this guy charging the window.