Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My MOJO has been lost. I would sit down at my desk and try to make something but just couldn't. NO creativity,...zip, nada, nothing....Not sure what the problem is.
But I did make SOMETHING today! A Wedding card. Fairly simple but at least it is SOMETHING! I used some Cherry Lynn dies. In fact everything I used on this card is by Cheery Lynn. I think you could use it for a wedding card or an anniversary card. I used the gray, silver, black color combo but I want to try some others. Think I might try something in pinks.
Thanks for visiting today if there is still anybody out there! Ive been to the Dr. and they are switching some of my medications around to hopefully combat all the fatigue I am experiencing. Summer/ Hot weather plays havoc on me with my MS. Sucks the life right out of me and makes it difficult to walk at times. But I am hanging in there and looking for my MOJO...If you see it, send it to me ASAP! I have a lot to get done and I NEED it!! I don't think its far..hopefully just lurking around in the corner waiting to be found. LOL!!
Have a great day!

PS..I have been buying my Cheery Lynn dies at www.happyscrappy.us
They have great service and pretty fast shipping. They just had a 40% off everything sale that I took advantage of! If you have never ordered from them before,register online at their site. If you make an initial order of $50.00 and mention my name..Pam Brown...they will give you some free money in your account for your next purchase and I will get some too! A win, win! No, I don't work for them but I do like supporting smaller companies and I love getting FREE stuff!

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