Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hi! Happy Thursday! Its a scorcher here today...upper 90's. Too hot for this chick!
I have been slacking on making cards lately. Had a class last week and a scrapbook workshop on the weekend and haven't done much since! I may have posted these cards before...they were in my stash and I wanted to post something today. So, if you've seen them before please forgive me!

Our babies grew up so fast!! This is one of the last 2 getting ready to "fly the coop". Last night there was one left but this morning it is gone. So now there are 2 chicks on this property with empty nests!! LOL..We had a stalker sparrow last week trying to take over the nest. Wonder if she will use it next? Kinda neat to watch them go from eggs to little birds!
Have a great day. Stay cool!

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Danni said...

Wonderful cards!! and so fun to watch little baby birdies!!