Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday! Did you get to enjoy fireworks last night? I tried..I sat at the end of our driveway but finally had to go in. The mosquitoes were so bad..they were eating me alive!! Now I'm full of all those itchy bumps!
Today's card is made with a Lily of the Valley stamp. I thought this image was just so cute! I love animals so this was just perfect...with a kitty & a puppy! Speaking of kitties...Why do they pick my yard to have their babies?! There is another mama & babies...This is the 3rd one. I kept thinking she was coming back from where ever they took her. But now I realize after getting up close that this is the 3rd one with similar features & colors. I'm guessing they are all sisters. Even their kittens look the same. I wish people would spay their animals. These are feral cats so even if I catch them no one wants them...so sad..and they just keep reproducing!

This card was made with the "A Child's year" Cricut cartridge . Can you tell I was going for the vintage look? You can't tell in the photo but I colored her wings with a black Spica glitter pen for some subtle bling.
Thanks for visiting me today. Have a great day!

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