Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello! TGIF!
I'm still alive! Had my surgery yesterday. A little sore today but doing fine. The only bad part is that it was not successful so I will be having more surgery in the next few weeks....
Isn't this old vintage drawer project neat? A local gal that has crops & classes designs kits you can buy. She is in to vintage and that is right up my alley. My house is very "vintage". This is designed to act like a scrapbook or way to showcase your photos. There are different divider cards and all you do is put photos that correspond to that category behind them. She made hers for a specific year. I am keeping mine for all years. Now I just have to round up so photos to put in it then I can display it.
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't posted in quite awhile but I just wasn't up to it. Hope you understand... After a nap I hope to get down to my craft area and create for awhile.We will see.
Until next time...
Have a great day!

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