Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, Monday....I can't believe it is Monday again. The week just flew by! Today's card is made with a Stampin Up set called Unfrogettable. I had this card in my stash and pulled it out to share with you. I have been crafting...filling some orders so I don't have a "new" card to share today. I think this card could be given to a child or an adult.

I am headed out for a walk with friends. We walk a little over 2 miles in the park twice a week. I love walking there because we usually see a deer or two and we get to hear the frogs. They sound like someone plucking a string on a guitar. I am grateful for all of God's creation. It is so peaceful there and today is not too hot so it should be a really good walk. Have a good one!

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