Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello...Sorry no new card to show you today. I am going down to craft now so I will have something for tomorrow. I went to my daughter's college yesterday to spend her 21 st birthday with her. We had fun!

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? He has been pecking at our cars every day! Drives me nuts...tap,tap,tap... for hours at a time! I go out & scare him away but as soon as I go inside he comes back.

Thanks for dropping by..sorry to disappoint you with nothing to share but come back soon ya hear!


Linda S. said...

Nope, can't help you with the bird I.D. Kind of an ugly little guy isn't he? And not nice to boot. I just wanted to comment on your darling little dog. She looks just like my next door neighbor's YorkiePoos. Their names are Teddy and Lucy. So cute, but they tear all toys apart also....something about some of those squeekers inside. Good luck getting rid of Mr. Peck. Linda S. in NE

RubyM:) said...

WOW! Not a bird you see everyday! wow! has he came back??RubyM:)

Holly said...

I think this is a brown headed cow bird. pretty interesting facts about this bird here