Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi friends! Hope you are getting some of the beautiful weather where you live. Today the sun is shining, the birds are singing and my daffodils are blooming! What could be better than that? I didn't make any cards yesterday because I got my Nellie Snellen punches in the mail yesterday.
(I had preordered them awhile ago from 7 kids college fund.) I spent my craft time making my own flowers. I had so much fun! I plan on making more today so I have them ready to go when I want to use them. It's so nice to make the flower in exactly the colors I want. And I can use up my scraps..not that I could ever possibly use up all my scraps! I swear they just keep multiplying! The only "downer" to these punches is I wish the embossing part would be a little more noticeable. I'm going to experiment more and see what I can figure out. Maybe if I mist them lightly with water it would help. Well, enjoy your day & I will see you soon.


akuperstein said...

love your style,actually I like this style the best. The flowers are beautiful.

Candy said...

Wonderful flowers!!!! I can see the embossing well on the ones with the plain paper....
I keep wishing I had these punches.
Hugs, Candy