Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello! I swear I can hear you saying..
Why haven't you posted something new??!!!
 Well, I have been dealing with a family member who is going thru a really rough time. We have spent several trips to the hospital trying to get some mental health for her. With no insurance, that is difficult! Well, Sunday she was really having a bad time of it.We talked for several hours and I THOUGHT she was OK..long story short, my gut said something was wrong. Went over to her house...she had overdosed. Had to get police involved...FINALLY was able to get her into a treatment facility...only for 5 days but I am praying that she gets on the right track and now that a treatment center is involved I am hoping she has access to resources to help her.
With all that said...I HAVE NOT crafted AT ALL...Today after I take care of a few things I am marching my butt right down to my craft area. I NEED to craft..its my stress relief. So, please bear with me...I feel so bad..I would love to post every day or every other day but Life has just gotten more busy. I do have some cards we did last week when I taught at our card group. I will post those later today...So thanks for hanging in there with me! See you soon


Danni said...

Hugs!! Take care of you..the crafting will come when it's the right time!

Rochelle said...

Sorry to hear that, I've been there with my sister. I've seen the inside of more institutions than I care to mention. My thoughts and prayers are with you.