Thursday, November 29, 2012

 Hello! Still haven't gotten to craft but I thought I would share some of my decorations for Christmas. Last year I posted other pictures of my mantel, etc.. so this year I will show you some others! If you want a closer look just click on the picture.
 This is a little old fashioned tree I put up in my dining room. It has some wooden ornaments that look kind of old. I put some bells on it and they have some strips of cloth woven on the wire. Also some felt snowflakes.

 These snowmen are really a door draft protector. I put them in the window on the landing. Much cuter there!

This is one of my favorite things. I change his"attire" for the holiday or season. He's on top of a Victoria cabinet I garbage it! (It was just the cabinet...the parts inside were gone. But it has the crank on the side still!)
I know I showed you my dry sink before. I also change it for the seasons.

I'm finally heading downstairs to get some Christmas cards done. My daughter came to visit Monday and she wasn't feeling well. Ugh, she gave me her cold! Don't have time to be sick...too much to do! :) Have an awesome day!!

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