Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi friends! Hope you are having a great morning! Last week the sun was no where to be found and now it's blazing Hot,Hot,Hot! Thank goodness for air conditioning! Today's card was made with one of my beloved Magnolias. I just can't seem to get enough play time with them. They are so fun to color & create scenes with. I got this door & stoop stamp at the used stamp sale I went to a while back. I knew when I saw it it would be perfect for my maggies. I am hoping to create with it for the different holidays. Move Tilda over & add a seasonal wreath to the door or maybe even cut the door so it opens, revealing Tilda behind it. Oh, I can think of so many possibilities...Don't have time to play today though. We have a new baby in the family and we are going to the hospital this afternoon to meet him. What is more exciting then holding a new born baby? And this one can be handed back to mom when he cries! Thanks for taking a peek at my card today. Have a great one & stay cool!

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful card. I love the door stamp! We Magnolia lovers are always trying to find stamps we can use with our babies. It is amazing what we will sit little Tilda's booty on!LOL!Beautiful job Pam.