Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greetings from cold & snowy Ohio! Today I am staying in & keeping warm!! I just want to craft & listen to my book on tape. It's 11 discs long & I have to have finished it by next Friday for our book club. So, I best get going on that!
I am still working on the animal rescue cards. Should have been done by now but with the holidays I got behind. Several more to go and then I will be finished with that project!
I want to play with my new gypsy. I did make 1 card with it so far. I was trying to "weld" the images. I guess it turned out OK but I want to see if I can some how make the "frame" thicker. Haven't figured that out. Also haven't figured out how to put a picture in the middle of my post. I see it added it above. I am not a "directions" girl. Just ask my friend Linda! LOL! I am better with learning by "seeing" not by reading. I am also geographically challenged. I could get lost in my own backyard. I am no longer allowed to even hold the map on any of our stamping "adventures"! Thank goodness for GPS. However, if it misguided me I would be lost & unable to get back home!! Well, Happy Crafting! Stay warm & I will see you soon!

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Danni said...

How fun that you got a gypsy! My good friend here just got one too and was trying the same thing...welding!
Fun and cute cards!